pe 10. syysk. | Helsinki

New orchestra piece premiere with Helsinki Chamber Orchestra

A new orchestra piece by yours truly will have its premiere in the once postponed concert, "Kontakt!" by four young Finnish composers and the Helsinki Chamber orchestra conducted by James Kahane.
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New orchestra piece premiere with Helsinki Chamber Orchestra

Time & Location

10. syysk. klo 19.00
Helsinki, Mannerheimintie 13 A, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

About the Event

Kontakt! is a concert by four young composers in which the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra will perform their new works for orchestra.

The name of the concert stems from a word meaning “connection” and reflects its theme of shared introspection and common ground. Each piece incorporates the personal voice of its composer as well as reflects upon contact as a subject.

The concert is produced in collaboration with composers Leevi Räsänen, Robert Ruohola, Rolf Gustavson and Touko Niemi, and the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra. We welcome the audience to call into the vast emptiness of space, to paint their dreams, awaken to cease all action, and to sink into a world of sound.

Helsinki Music Centre, Sonore Hall Fri 10/09/2021 at 19:00


Leevi Räsänen: New work (2021) Robert Ruohola: Konsonanssi ja avaruus (2021) 

Rolf Gustavson: Dream Painting (2020) Touko Niemi: Unimetsä (2017) Touko Niemi: New work (2021)