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for Symphonic Wind Band
dur. ca. 11'

The most noticeable feature of the ”Virynttäytymistä” is alternating between the relatively compact crashing passages and the very low-energy sections dominating most of the work. The relationship between these two types of music might feel very unbalanced at first hearing. The listening conditions are unusual for the listener – we are not necessarily used to hearing this differently approachable ways to build musical flows in a short, slightly more than a 10-minute piece. The piece is my first extensive orchestral piece where I blindly trust my intuition in almost every aspect. It is, on the other hand, like a diary, and on the other hand, built by trusting the slow currents of intuition, which makes the work remarkably cohesive.

One of my biggest eureka-moments has been accepting that when listening to a piece, you can also get bored and that is very OK! Music can also serve the purpose that, in the middle of the floods of information we live amidst, a long piece can be a moment's respite from everything else. The music can serve as a reason to take time only for yourself and your thoughts. So, if in the middle of the piece, you start thinking about groceries and that you must buy more pickles and oat milk later, then I have succeeded in something as a composer.

Virynttäytymistä was premiered by the Helsinki Police Symphonic Band conducted by Erle Kont in September 2020. The projects was a collaboration between Sibelius Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki and the Helsinki Police Symphonic Band. 

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Virynttäytymistä (2020): Compositions


Virynttäytymistä (2020): Videos
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