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su 27. helmik.


University of North Carolina

Maailma ympärilläni käy yhä nopeammalla vaihteella, ja minä – premiere performance by AEKI trio

In the title, the important word is ’vaihde’ — gear. Or turn, between periods of time? It refers to an individual (=ME!!) feeling as if the world surrounding them was running at increasingly faster gears, whereas the individual... is in a slow place, going at a slow pace.

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Maailma ympärilläni käy yhä nopeammalla vaihteella, ja minä – premiere performance by AEKI trio
Maailma ympärilläni käy yhä nopeammalla vaihteella, ja minä – premiere performance by AEKI trio

Time & Location

27. helmik. 2022 klo 15.00 UTC-5

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, USA

About the event

AEKI ensemble premieres "Maailma ympärilläni käy yhä nopeammalla vaihteella, ja minä" by Leevi Räsänen alongside Alebrijes (2019) by Daniel Martínez García, City as? (2019) by Erick Tapia, Amfisbaina (2021) by Olli Moilanen (world premiere) and Les danseuses de Rodin (2019) by Bosba Panh.

About the piece: Time and pacing, the experiencing of time through music is something I’ve found an increasing interest in lately. Needless to say, the world around us is getting more and more bizarre every minute. Just to mention a few things: frequent natural disasters, pandemic, capitalist exploitation of people and our planet, toughening political attitudes... whew. As for me, I’ve always found stillness and peace in music and I tend to think about time spent inside music as time outside of the realm of reality.

When I’m sitting in a concert, time seems to stop. There aren’t any phones or noti&cations, news headlines or crises but instead, I get to go inside my head and my thoughts. This is something that I want to offer to listeners of my music as well. Sometimes the music might be so slow that you get lost and start thinking about the next day’s groceries, whereas sometimes the music will suck you right back in and demand your full attention. Sometimes there is just blooming and blossoming harmony and the joy of sound waves for your ears to enjoy.

AEKI ensemble Sara Aratake, clarinet Hsin-Di Shih, cello Antoine Flores Gracia, saxophone

"AEKI ensemble represents Artistic Exchange for Knowledge and Inspiration. We are a group of three musicians (clarinet- Sara Aratake, cello- Hsin-Di Shih and saxophone- Antoine Flores Gracia) based in Finland interested in using music as a way to enrich global musical connection between different communities. Each of us come from different countries (U.S., Spain, and Taiwan) but we were able to meet and make music together because of our connection to music. We believe that the use of music could be a significant tool in tying together people across different backgrounds!

In May of 2019 we had a life changing experience in Cambodia where we premiered a new work by a Cambodian composer, discussed musical life in Finland with local musicians, and gave several workshops. After the trip, we felt inspired to continue this project and explore more possibilities in this group. So far we have commissioned 5 pieces from Cambodian, Mexican, and Finnish composers."

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