Scores available at Music Finland.

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Image by Sneha Cecil

for soprano and theorbo


Diagonal Lines

for violin and piano



for 12 voices

collaboration with dramaturge Tarleena Laakko


Näyttökuva 2020-8-2 kello 14.53.22.png

for Symphonic Wind Band



a diary of december 2019 for 3 guitars



for oboe, guitar, cello and 6-channel live electronics


Image by Guillermo Ferla

for soprano, violin and cello



for soprano and piano or guitar




2021Thinking about the im- mortality of the crab for orchestra

2021 Puluseni for soprano and theorbo

Commissioned by Detritus (Kaisamaija Uljas & Milla Mäkinen)

Score available at Music Finland.

2020 Skala for Symphonic Brass

2018-2020 Toinen toistansa seuraten (fin. "One following another") (vn, pno)

2020 Kaikkitietävä (sop, ten, bass)

fp. 6.6.2020, Enonkoski

2020 Musta Tarantula – The Black Tarantula (12 voices)

Written for the Helsinki Chamber Choir in collaboration with dramaturge Tarleena Laakko

fp. in the Klang concert series 28.9.2020, Camerata-hall, Music Centre, Helsinki

Score available at Music Finland.

2020 Virynttäytymistä for Symphonic Wind Band ( 4sax timp 4perc hp pno cb)

Written for the Helsinki Police Symphonic Band

fp. 24.9.2020 in Paavo-hall, Music Centre, Helsinki, cond. Erle Kont

Score available at Music Finland.

2019 the impossibility of committing to this – guitar trio 

Commissioned by Kitara Nova association (Kitara Nova ry) with support by Teosto

fp. 20.9.2020 at Kitara Nova festival in Helsinki

Score available at Music Finland.

2019 Mitten (ob, gtr, cv, 6-ch live el.)

fp. 13.10.2019 at Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu festival, Oulu

Score available at Music Finland.

2019 Blimbpop (pno)

fp. 28.5.2019, Wegelius-hall, Helsinki

2019 Sí, si (span. ”Yes, maybe”) (gtr)

fp. at Kitara Nova -festival in Helsinki 23.3.2019

2018 Rakastaisitko minua jos olisin bulgarialainen gigolo (fin. ”Would you love me even if I was a Bulgarian gigolo”) (SATB, gtr)

lyrics Jarkko Laine

fp. 1 September 2018, Kerimäki

2018 Kuutamolla (fin. ”In the moonlight”) (sop, vn, vc)

lyrics Eino Leino

fp. 3 December 2018, Villa Hakasalmi, Helsinki

2018 Armain kuoleman ajatus (fin. ”Dearest thought of death”) (sop, gtr)

lyrics Eino Leino

fp. 30 July 2018, Music Centre, Helsinki

– version for soprano and piano is also available. 

2018 Ajassa (fin. ”In time”) (bcl, voice)

lyrics Lauri Viita, orig. poem ”Onni” (fin. ”Bliss”)

fp. in August 2019 at UNM 2019 -festival in Piteå, Sweden

2018 Sateenkaari (fin. ”Rainbow”) (sop, pno)

lyrics Eino Leino

fp. 30 July 2018, Music Centre, Helsinki

2017 Limbo (pno)

fp. 11 November 2017, Melartin Hall, Savonlinna

2017 Mun kukkamaailmain (fin. ”My flower world”) for large mixed choir

lyrics Juho Laine, orig. poem ”On mennyt suvi armas” (fin. ”Dear spring has passed”)

2016 Waltz (pno)

fp. Summer 2017, Enonkoski

2016 Tension (fl, cl, vc)

2016 Nocturno (pno)

fp. Spring 2017, Melartin Hall, Savonlinna

2016 Temple (pno)

fp. Spring 2017, Melartin Hall, Savonlinna

2016 Woodwind Quartet (fl, cl, ob, bs)