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5-channel electronic soundtrack and sound design for Laura Jantunen's choreography


Outoliini (Oddling) looks at the moments in close relationships (family, friends, lovers, partners) where the societally constructed human in us steps into the background and enjoyment of being with a loved one emerges. In Outoliini we concentrated on non-sexual encounters. This limitation gave space to the naive, playful, flirtatious, and more-than-human forms of moving.

© Laura Jantunen 2023


Choreography: Laura Jantunen

Performers: Pauliina Sjöberg, Iiris Miettinen and Laura Jantunen

Composer: Leevi Räsänen

Lighting design: Ilmari Pesonen

Scenography: Miina Kujala 

Dramaturg: Pipsa Enqvist 

Costume design, execution and ryijy: Laura Jantunen 

Performer during rehearsal period and voice coaching: Sofia Keto-Tokoi 

Vocals in the recordings: Sofia Keto-Tokoi, Pauliina Sjöberg, Iiris Miettinen, Leevi Räsänen and Laura Jantunen

Poster: Sirkku Rosi

Performance photos: Jere Aalto

More information on Laura's website.

Outoliini (2023): Product
Outoliini_Leevin käsiohjelma.png
Outoliini (2023): Image
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