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RONDO 2/2023: The Voice of Young Composers

picture by Nelli Korhonen

I was recently featured in Rondo magazine's article, where 4 emerging composers were interviewed together about, among others, their background, musical style and political works. The full article, written by Nelli Korhonen, can be read here.

Featured quote:

"Sitten Räsänen lausuu: ”Ei taiteen tarvitse olla aina kantaaottavaa. Jos kaikki nykymusiikki sisältäisi jonkin agendan, se kävisi todella raskaaksi. Me tarvitsemme myös Netflix-hömppää vastapainoksi.”

That would roughly translate to "Then Räsänen declares: "Not all art should include an agenda. If all contemporary music, for example, did, that would turn out extremely laborious. To balance it all out, we need to have Netflix nonsense too."

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