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Image by Ian Noble


for soprano and theorbo



Puluseni (2021): Product

The work Puluseni for soprano and 14-string theorbo is made to be performed together with a song set to te same text – Bist du bei mir from Heinrich Göttfried Stölzel’s lost opera Diomedes, which was made known by J.S. Bach and published in the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach. This was the idea behind the commission by Detritus – they commissioned multiple contemporary composers to reinterpret well-kown texts from songs traditionally performed with lute accompaniment.

Whenever possible, the pieces Puluseni and the original Bist du bei mir should always be performed in succession so that Bist du bei mir is performed first and Puluseni second. Bist du bei mir should be performed in the key of C major to avoid the nœeed for retuning between the two songs.

Performed together, the two songs last for ~10 minutes. 

Puluseni (2021): Text
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