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Image by Rod Long


for orchestra


duration 14'30''

Score and parts available from Music Finland

The piece was premiered by the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra and conductor James Kahane on September 10, 2021, in the Sonore-hall of the Helsinki Music Centre.

composer's note

Thinking about the im- mortality of the crab — huh? The title of this work refers to a saying originally in Spanish, implying wandering thoughts. According to the composer, this happens just as much when composing as during nighttime while eagerly waiting to fall asleep. In those moments, you might end up dealing with existential reflections on the expansion of the universe — or googling an urban legend about the immortality of lobsters. This is not completely untrue: there is a species whose body does not age in the same way as other living organisms, but regenerates and keeps growing until the end. Eventually, not being able to grow a shell big enough will be the death of this crustacean if it hasn’t yet become prey for bigger creatures of the deep seas. Nothing in this narrative really relates to the work itself, although the story is quite nice. However, the googling of telomeres, cellular rapture, lobsters and immortality were an important inspiration for the composer.

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James S. Kahane, conductor · Helsinki Chamber Orchestra

Performed at the Helsinki Music Center, 14 December 2022

Recording & Mixing: Antti Snellman / Yle Video: Helsinki Music Centre

Website of the Helsinki Chamber Orchestra:

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